This space who is completely dedicated to long terme creations will allow you to follow the progression of different major projects of Loison Création.

You being apart of this may even make you want start your own project.

And remember that for every short term project, you can find them in the creation space.

Future workshop and showroom (sale and demonstration area)

You can follow the progression of our future workshop and showroom. A sale and demonstration area of our arts and crafts design. Very soon you’ll be able to come and meet Loison Création in their brand new space. And why not maybe make your own purchases.

The elephant project.

You can follow the progression of a very unique creation. A large scale elephant head. This project is very dear to my heart. Being an animal lover, I wish to honor them and find the right person to care for this piece.

If you wish to start your own creation, you just need to head over to the Contact space. We will get back to you with propositions, offers, ideas and flexibility in helping you creating your project.